Breakfast: Soy yogurt

Lunch: homemade tofu-spinach quiche (I am going to upload the recipe)
Desert: rest of tiramisu

Dinner: some more quiche and a banana

I helped a friend move today, so no exercise, but a lot of carrying heavy stuff to the 3rd floor. I was pretty happy that I made the quiche for lunch, so we could finish it for dinner. It tasted ok even cold, since she didn’t have a stove yet.



Breakfast: Whole wheat banana-pancake and a peach

Lunch: Spaghetti Pomodoro at an Italian Restaurant

Snack: Some of the leftover black chocolate

Dinner: leftover artichoke from yesterday

Night: 2 beer and coke mixes


I couldn’t resist having my beer when I went out, but at least I resisted having desert at the restaurant, even though everyone else did. I also did only eat one row of the chocolate.


Breakfast: nut-porridge with banana and grapes

Lunch: Edamame, 6 Makis with avocado and 6 Makis with mixed veggies

Snack: Plate of fruit with some black chocolate

Dinner: Artichoke

Exercise: Cardio X workout from P90X +-1 hour

I had to help my friend buy new stuff for her new apartment, so we carried a microwave and a printer in the train. I guess that counts as some work-out as well! I feel like it is much easier too eat healthy and not too much, when I am out of the house. As soon as we were back, we thought it would be a nice idea to melt some black chocolate and put fruits in it. I think I got about 200 calories just from chocolate. But that’s ok, since me eating chocolate is rather rare and I had a very light dinner afterwards.


The boys are back in town!
I will be writing a longer post about what happened the last few months. But to put it shortly, I traveled a lot and enjoyed life. Even though I did not continue to lose weight, or specifically exercise, I was able to keep it off. I believe it might have been good to give my body a rest. But now after a summer course, an internship and a summer job, I am finally back home with loads of time at my hands. Time that will be used to get back into my diet regime and also some exercise.

So today, starting with 72.2 kg, this is what I ate:

Breakfast: cereal with soy milk and a banana

Lunch: avocado and tomato salad with mexican style beans, small grape pie

Snack: an orange and toast

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with spinach/peas/basil sauce

Being at home, it’s pretty hard to stay at the right portion sizes. My goal is to stop eating as soon as I am full and avoid desserts and snacks from now on again.

Exercise: 30 minutes weight training


Breakfast: Banana

Lunch: huge bowl of noodles in vegetable broth with mushrooms. I couldn’t even finish half of it.

Dinner: Salad

Snack: Coconut water, fruits

Two weeks until the finals start. I’m getting quite nervous. There is so much stuff to do, I don’t even know where to start!
At least I haven’t really got a lot of sleeping problems anymore, since I’m exercising. It’s far easier too fall asleep and sleep through for me now. Except if my roommate decides to skype at 7 o’clock in the morning, but that’s a different story^^
Workout goes well, it is starting to get easier. I just really struggle with all the jumps, since I can’s get my feet of the ground more than a few centimeters. I hope I’ll get better at that soon!